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Comp 171 Scripting Practicum

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This is a course suitable for anyone wishing to study computer programming without pain. After taking this course, students should (a) have an understanding of what scripting languages can do and when they are suitable for use, (b) be able to program in one or more scripting languages such as Perl or Python, and (c) have an understanding of their applicability to science, humanities, and business fields.

Comp 171 Scripting Practicum Information by Dr. William L. Honig — last modified 2012-01-16 09:41 PM
*1 Credit Hour* Let computers work for you. Scripts are simple to write programs that work with files, text, data. The course will teach you Python and how to write simple scripts to do practical jobs. No programming experience necessary!See the attached course flyer
Syllabus Comp 171 Scripting Practicum by Dr. William L. Honig — last modified 2012-01-18 11:23 AM
Plans and structure for the course. Current students please see Blackboard for any updates and the full course schedule.
Course Materials by Dr. William L. Honig — last modified 2012-01-16 09:43 PM
Information, Links, Assignments, and other information.
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