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Project 1A Description

by William Hartel last modified 2008-04-13 08:58 PM

Instructions for Project 1A

You have been provided with a world that with most of the objects you need. Currently, the world contains a bunny and a spaceship. You should add an additional "living" object (preferably a human, animal, or robot) that will interact with the bunny when the world is loaded and again when the bunny approaches.

you will need to create movement methods for the bunny class. you should use the arrow keys as input. Remember, you have three dimensions to work with, so when the bunny moves fore ward perhaps he should also hop, as most bunnies do hop. You can also add a jump method using the space bar as input.

When the world opens, you should run your first world method, this can be the default method or you can create your own. This method should include a message from the bunny and a response from the object you added.

There should also be a method for when the bunny approaches the object. This method should result in a brief conversation between the bunny and the other object. The other object should direct the bunny to go towards the space ship.

A method already exists for when the bunny approaches the spaceship, which should end the program

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