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Project 1B Description

by William Hartel last modified 2008-04-13 09:19 PM

Project 1B Instructions

This is a follow up to the previous program You will see that the bunny has now arrived at a different location. there are several buildings and other objects which the bunny should have no interaction with, however, it should be noted that these objects are solid and the bunny should not be able to move through them (this may not be the way the world is currently set up, you may need to do some work here).

You will need to add 4 more "living" objects (see 1A for details). The bunny should interact with one 9A) and then be instructed to interact with the other three. Once all three of the other objects have been interacted with, the bunny should return to A to end the program.

These objects should move randomly throughout the world.

You need to keep track of which objects the bunny has interacted with. The bunny should be able to return to A at any time to find out which objects remain to be interacted with.

Interaction will occur on click, unlike our previous project which relied on distance. When an object is clicked on, it should turn to face the bunny.

You will need to create move methods again, this time the camera should follow the bunny as it moves around. Try not to let the camera "clip" through the solid objects.

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