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Towers of Hanoi Project Description

by William Hartel last modified 2008-04-10 11:17 AM

Instructions and additional information for the Towers of Hanoi

This project will rely heavily on method calling of other methods. While working, observe where your method calls result in a cycle (Method A calls Method B which calls Method A). Note that cycles are not necessarily bad as long as they end somewhere.

You have been provided with three towers and 4 disks. Your task is create methods to move the disks from one tower to another. It is imperative that you include methods to ensure that the rules for moving disks are followed.

It is advised that you be familiar with the rules of the Tower of Hanoi puzzle.

Additional information:
Towers are about 1 meter tall
Tower Centers are approximately 1.125 meters apart
Alice uses stage directions (Stage right is left to the viewers, Stage left is right to the viewers)

Movement Specifications.
When a disk is clicked on, and it can move from it's current location, it should move above the tower and wait for instructions.
when a disk moves to a new tower, it should wait to find out if it should move again before descending to it's appropriate spot on the tower.

as an additional task, you can create a puzzle which solves itself. this will rely on recursion. Algorithms for this can be found on the wikipedia page above.
Information on Recursion can be found both in the Programming with Alice Text and

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