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FOSS Fall 12 Student Project Index

by Dr. William L. Honig last modified 2012-12-16 12:34 PM

Here are the projects from the Loyola University Chicago Free and Open Source class.

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Please use the folders and links to the left to access other information on this web site.

Mailing Address:

Loyola University Chicago, Dept. of Computer Science, Water Tower Campus, Lewis Towers 520, 820 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611 U.S.A.

Contact Information:

Department Office
Lewis Towers 520


Project Name:

Full names of developer(s) such as William L. Honig, Adam Android, Sam J Arduino

A couple of sentences about what the project does, what is new, what technology you used, why it is interesting, and next plans and steps. Are you offering this to others now? If so, suggestions on what they may do.

Any number of links with a name/description for each one

LUC Shuttle Tracker:

Colin McGinty, Jonathan Nepomuceno, Gregory Wach

LUC Shuttle tracker is an application designed to keep track of departing shuttle times on both campuses at Loyola University Chicago. The app is also designed to estimate how full the bus is based on user feedback. It is free and easy-to-use. (The application utilizes HTTP requests and PHP scripts to access time and crowd data stored in text files.) LUC Shuttle tracker is currently under development and not ready for widespread use on Android devices. LUC Shuttle Tracker runs on versions of Android greater than 2.2. LUC Shuttle tracker is an open-source project licensed under: Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial 3.0 Unported. Those interested in contributing should consult the code repository.

In the near future we would like to establish a full time server to store our data regarding departure time and crowd estimates. The biggest obstacle to getting this application in the hands of users is in getting some type of input from the devices currently present on campus that display departure times – this is obviously a huge priority for us.

This is the repository where all source code (including php scripts) is currently stored. This is a public repository so anyone can view and/or download these files.

This is a link to the current version of the license that covers this project.

Easy Clicker: Daniel Shivers, Lindsey Brockman, Shell Yuan, Chris Newman, Monica Sharma, Zach Romer This project has two sides – a web app and an Android app. It is meant as an alternative to the current Clicker system, which uses expenses clickers for all its students. Teachers can access the site to create polls, and students can access these polls through their web browser or Android-powered smartphone. The project was developed using Java for the Android, and Python and Django for the Web-app side. Git was used as the version control system. Also, Sourceforge was the repository that was utilized for all of our needs. We also used Google Groups to facilitate discussion outside of our repository, which also has discussion, ticket, and other features. The project is interesting simply because it provides a foundation for future developers to create products which would save both universities and students money. In terms of the future of our project, it is publicly available on Sourceforge for anybody to download. If anybody would choose to do so, we have provided credits material for them to contact us, as well as User and Developer Manuals for their convenience. As this project is in its beginning stages, there are many things which can be added in the future. For instance, a permanent hosting on a server or web domain would be great. If schools would consider using this, it can also be integrated with their student/course databases. The possibilities are endless. Sourceforge Summary Page: Code Repository: *includes commit history and forks Tickets and Issue Tracking: Discussion / Features: Manuals and CREDITS files: Wiki about Easy Clicker: LUC COMP412 – Clicker Replacement Project (Google group):!forum/luccomp412newclicker

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