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Tablet Quick Help

by Dr. William L. Honig last modified 2008-01-23 09:54 PM

Check out these quick hints. Give us suggestions for others to add!

HP Tablet Quick Help

Touch Screen Care
Twist the screen carefully to fold or unfold the tablet (switching from lap top to tablet set up). Click the button on the long side of the screen, opposite the hinge to release the screen. The screen swivels only ONE WAY – do not try to force it the wrong direction. The screen is NOT a general touch screen – it only works with its own stylus.

Stylus Care
Use the button under the display screen to the left of the hinge to eject the stylus. Insert and remove the stylus carefully. The clip of the stylus must face the bottom of the screen to go in. Do not jam or force the stylus into the slot. BE GENTLE.

Screen Orientation
If, on start up, your screen appears the "wrong" way, log in, then use the stylus and touch the orientation button (two arrows) on the bottom of the display, to the right of the hinge.

Start-up Problems
If your tablet fails to start when sliding the power switch, try connecting the power supply (the battery may be depleted). If it still will not start, remove the power supply, then remove the battery and let the tablet sit for 4 minutes with the battery out. Then reinstall the battery and power and try to restart.

Journal Application
Use Windows Journal from the Start > Tablet PC menu to do neat things like notes and drawings.

Input Panel
Bring up the input panel by touching the input panel icon on the bottom left of the display. Use the stylus to touch it.

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