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by Dr. William L. Honig last modified 2009-01-13 06:58 PM

Communications, Telecommunications, Networking, and Connectivity

Comp 422 Wireless/Mobile Software Development (available to undergrads as Comp 388)

Intelligent mobile devices, including phones, data communicators, and automobiles will define the future of networks and applications. This course introduce the architecture of mobile devices, and explores development of their software in depth.

Operating Systems for mobile devices are beginning a period of exciting evolution and competition not unlike the 1970s and 1980s in mainframe and mini computers. No longer will a single architecture / OS dominate the computer devices that most people use. The course will explore some of the current contenders for leadership such as Windows Mobile, Google Android, Symbian, and the iPhone OS.

Text: None. Web materials will be used for the course.

  • Software Projects 60%
  • Presentations 30%
  • Participation 10%

(if good class participation and work, then no exams are planned, subject to change based on your performance)

Course materials
  • Web materials here on this site (click the items on the left)
  • Loyola University Chicago Blackboard for course schedule, additional information and submission of all assignments
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