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by Mit Patel last modified 2006-02-08 01:09 PM

Contact Information/Office Hours

Contact Informaition:

Office Hours:

One of the labs in DH on 3rd floor.
Online Time (BB)
Tuesday: 11:30am-1pm

Wednesday: 12noon -1pm

My name is Mit and I am pursuing Masters in Computer Science Information Systems. This is my first time being a TA and I hope I can make learning first computer language easier and more understandable through lab sessions. I am very much excited to do this job (more of an interest) and have positive impact on students regarding learning how to program.

I remember my first lab where we were given directions on how to create a class before we were explained what makes a class. I didn't have TA who went over how to use BlueJ or how to create small programs. Everything was posted and we were to read and do the labs. I had bad experience with my first language and I most certainly want to change that. Programming is supposed to be fun not painful. Learning something new is not easy. And programming, let me tell you is definitely hard. But so is every other new thing we learn. So, saying this is hard and I don't want to do this is not a solution to the problem. Doing it and learning is the solution. I had a bad experience but I am still in the field pursuing masters. I didn't give up because I knew it was new and it has to be hard. In a way, it being hard is what makes it fun.

Java is hard and I can't guarantee that it will come to you in a snap but I will make it fun so you can't feel the pain.

I am looking forward to working with you guys. And let us show everybody that in one semester we can write our own programs :).

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