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Installation guide for home pc

by Mit Patel last modified 2006-01-19 12:06 AM

Install BlueJ at home.

Java2SDK, Std Ed. 5.0

follow the on-screen instructions

  1. get Java

-> click on Download J2EE1.4SDK

-> click on Download under All-in-one-bundle

-> accept the liscense agreement and depending on the platform click download. Finish the Java installation because it is a need to launch BlueJ.


  1. get BlueJ

-> depending on platform, install BlueJ version 2.1.1

-> follow the instructions from screen

-> when you are done BlueJ launcher will give a “BlueJ could not find any Java systems” dialog. But it will also allow you to specify a java version. Select Advanced --> “Search drives for all Java version”. It will list a valid JDK which you can choose and launch BlueJ. From next BlueJ launch you’ll not need to provide a java path again.

Installation guide for BlueJ on other OS systems can be found here

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