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Lab Session (Ground Rules)

by Mit Patel last modified 2006-01-18 10:57 PM

Attendance is a MUST. Each student signed up for Lab 170 has to sign in at the beginning of the lab with me, your TA/Lab Assistant. No one is allowed to leave the lab early unless there is an emergency and I have been told before class. If you get done with the lab early then there will be an Optional Portion of lab which you can start on. But you are REQURIED to say throughout the whole lab session.

Lab materials will be posted before each lab class. This will allow you to know what to expect. Labs will consist of practical component to the lecture component. In another words, Dr. Honig lectures is put to practice in lab. Lab material will be posted on Blackboard.

Some labs will be graded in class and some will be asked to turn in before the following lab class. The due date of lab assignment will be announced in lab session. And the lab assignments should be handed in through dropbox in Blackboard. All labs will be graded on the scale of 20. With each graded lab you will also receive a description of how the lab was divided and how you received the score. Even after that if you have a question, you are welcome to discuss it with me or with Dr. Honig.

Late Policy: Late policy is the same as it is for the assignments.

You are encouraged to use Student Exchange Discussion Board. It is a tool which allows you to talk to everyone. The only exception of this forum is a message that says following: “Can I have an answer to 1a?” Now, Dr. Honig and I both get to see your messages so be cautioned. If you are confused with a certain portion of the assignment or lab ask a question accordingly. Same goes when answering a question. Answer in a way which will explain the problem and not give out the solution. The Discussion Board can be used for general questions as well but keep it to the topics of computer science. This forum is mainly to communicate amongst yourself. Use this forum if in case you need an advice from someone other than a friend, TA and Professor. It happens that approaching another student from class is hard or may be you are shy then Discussion Board comes in handy. USE IT WELL & USE IT OFTEN. Remember, NO QUESTION IS A STUPID QUESTION.

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