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Module Four Syllabus

by Dr. William L. Honig last modified 2005-09-25 06:50 PM

Course Syllabus and Usage Ideas

Module Four - What Must I Do to Be Successful in the Vocation?


Evoke Career and Callings module for use in introductory computer science or other science courses. Designed for use toward end of semester, after students have considerable exposure to doing course work and projects. Module is intended for approximately 100 minutes of class time over at least two class sessions, but may be adjusted.


Suppose I am comfortable with the computing vocation from what I know right now. Will I really be able to “do it” in the real world? How might I get some confirmation that I can be successful in this field? What other learning areas and skills may be important for success in a computing career?


  1. (10 min) Show “But I Don’t Want to be a Computer Programmer” cartoon as class assembles. Brief discussion about feeling “captured” (possibly by parents desires, financial concerns) compared to feeling “called”.
  2. (15 min) Show “Business Trip” Video. Follow-on full class discussion: Did the workers in this video look like they were enjoying what they do for a living? Would you like to trade places with one of them or not?
  3. (15 min) Lecture – Comparing YOU and successful people in computer careers. Introduction of GOTs. Hand out “GOTs and You” worksheet during the lecture. Students complete the sheet as the various GOTs are discussed in class.
  4. (10 min) In class work – 2-3 person discussion groups compare their GOTs from the worksheet.
  5. (5 min) Provide instruction for taking the full STRONG assessment online. (possible class session break point)
  6. (5 min) Hand out STRONG results to all; students read introduction only
  7. (40 min) Lecture – Sample STRONG report, reviewed and discussed section by section as students look at the details in their report.
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