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by Mit Patel last modified 2006-03-22 12:54 AM

This is the file that needs to be edited to finish the first part of assignment.

Click here to get the file

Size 1.5 kB - File type text/x-java

File contents

 * Demonstrate capabilities of String class
 * Use your knowledge of types and method
 * to finish the lab.  There are parts missing 
 * and  errors as well. So i.e.think what do you 
 * need to add to have certain part of print 
 * statement to work and so on.
 * Also, all of the answers can be tested via
 * print statements.  Only last one is finishing
 * the expression.
 * Lab9
public class LearnString
public static void main (String args[]){

String m = "hello";
String q = m;

String s = new String("Demonstration");
String p = new String("hello");

String r = m+s;

//l gives the length of String m
//What is the needed expression print the following
//statment correctly?
System.out.println("length of m is: " +l);

//What does this do?
System.out.println("concat is: " r);

//What does this print and what index is the function using?
System.out.println("character is: " +s.charAt(6));

//Make String m all upper case

//What is the index of r for String s?

//What is difference between "==" and "equals"?

//m and p are same objects? How about m and q?

//Does m equal p? Does m equal s?

//if you have an integer and want to return string representation
//of the value, How will you do so?
int value = 9;
//Hint: finish the missing expression to answer the question
//Also remember how to use a static method.
//String valToStr = 
System.out.println("value of valToStr is " +valToStr);



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