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Assignment Rules and Regulations!

by Dr. William L. Honig last modified 2013-12-24 06:46 PM

Sounds pretty picky, but you need to do these things the right way to get points!

Want To Get Full Points for Your Assignments and Other Work?

Assignment Rules!

1. Your work is to be done *on time* unless you use one of your late passes (and use it correctly). Forgetting to turn things in on time is not an workable excuse.

2. Submit the correct version of the work (be sure you save, do not pick the wrong file, etc.) You can double check after you save files to be sure they are the correct one, correct version, etc.

3. Use the correct assignment; no points for turning in your work in the wrong place!\

4. Turn in work using the correct file formats and following the instructions (see the assignment). You can try to open your work on a university computer to be sure.

These rules help you get full points for your work and they help me get good feedback to you on time!

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